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We run a full range of day and residential trips to encourage our boys' independence and support their social and cultural development.

From Year 4 our Residential trips provide boys with the opportunity to enjoy different experiences, amongst friends and supervised by staff they know and trust.

We design the programmes during the visits to help the boys develop self-confidence, learn to work in a team as well as supporting their academic progress. 

In keeping with our ethos of recognising and rewarding achievement, during the trips the boys can attain a Trip Commendation if they make an exceptional contribution.

The timetable below shows how the frequency and length of the visits increases as the boys move towards Year 8.

Residential Trips

  • Year 4 - Camping, Canons Park Activity Centre
  • Year 5 - Teamwork Week, Devon 
  • Year 6 - Leadership Week, Devon
  • Year 7 - Language/ Cultural Visit, Rome; Geography Field Trip, Dorset
  • Year 8 - Language Week, Burgundy; Battlefields Trip, Flanders, The Somme, Normandy

Day Trips

There are day excursions for all age groups. 

  • Year 1 - Geffrye museum and The Tower of London 
  • Year 2 - Science Museum
  • Year 3 - London Zoo and the Science Museum
  • Year 4 - Verulamium and the Barnes Wetland Centre
  • Year 5 - The Europa Centre, The British Museum
  • Year 6 - Bentley Priory Museum, The Globe, London Central Mosque, RS Neasden Mosque
  • Year 7 - The British Museum
  • Year 8 - The British Museum