The Annual Fund


The Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a key part of the School’s development effort and helps us to create an immediate resource for smaller projects and specific items that directly enhance the teaching and learning environment, and which can be realised within the current academic year.

This year we are delighted to have launched ‘The Elements Campaign’ as the focus for the Annual Fund 2017-2018. ‘The Elements Campaign’ will help us raise funds towards the full refit and refurbishment of the Science laboratory with works planned to go ahead in the summer 2018.

We hope you will welcome the opportunity to add your DNA to Arnold House by purchasing an element from the Periodic Table. You might like to choose an element with your initials or if you live at number 28 you might like element 28, Nickel, Ni, or if you’re a Superman fan you might even choose Krypton, Kr. However you decide, you will be remembered on a glass presentation of the Periodic Table as you enter the lab where donors’ names will be printed beneath each element.

Please click on the buttons on the right hand side for further information about the campaign and the periodic tables including a couple of songs to inspire your choices!

If you have any queries please contact Stephanie Miller, Head of External Relations on 020 7266 6969 or at