Ethos & Aims

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With an atmosphere of kindness and care we have a strong sense of ‘family' ensuring that each boy feels nurtured and valued.


Our ethos of academic excellence, through a relaxed though structured approach, ensures that the boys are cherished and achievements recognised and rewarded.

We encourage the boys to be busy and fully engaged in the many and varied aspects of school life exploring and developing new interests and passions along the way. We also take great care in ensuring the boys learn the value in trying their best and aim high. In this pursuit, we recognise that the boys need to be allowed to mature at their own pace.

Since the school opened well-over a hundred years ago, it has always been the Arnold House way to educate the boys in the broadest sense and to equip them with the good manners, confidence and well-roundedness that ensures they flourish at their chosen senior schools and beyond. And just as importantly, to have fond memories of the special times they’ve shared with their friends and teachers throughout their formative years at school.


We aim to:

  • serve the best interest of all pupils, cherish and value them as individuals in a supportive, purposeful and stimulating learning environment
  • promote good citizenship through the virtues of courtesy and industry and by encouraging pupils to make a strong contribution to the broader life of the School
  • help boys  mature in a well-rounded way by developing their understanding, experience and enjoyment of music, the arts, sport and a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • provide a foundation for boys’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within an open and generous Christian ethos
  • ensure that the breadth and excellence of our education remains central to the School’s approach to teaching and learning
  • encourage and support boys in upholding the School’s strong academic traditions and to prepare them for successful transfer to their chosen senior school at the age of 13
  • engender in the boys a love of learning and a self-confidence in their abilities that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning