Ethos and Aims

ethos & aims


The School values a supportive family ethos and operates in a relaxed and kindly way within a defined code of conduct. Individuals are cherished and rewards far outweigh sanctions. Academically, sights are set high with the object being for each boy to develop his talents and succeed in securing a place at a senior independent school that is right for him. We see ourselves – and believe we are perceived by others – as caring, academically strong but not overly competitive and broad in our outlook. A healthy balance is achieved and maintained between matters academic, artistic, pastoral, spiritual and sporting and care is taken to allow the boys to mature at their own pace. We are reasonably traditional in our approach: in curriculum, in structure, in uniform and in a degree of formality. Senior schools see us as a good stable for bright, well-mannered, motivated, articulate and well-rounded pupils. Our contact with leading day and boarding schools is strong.


  • For breadth and excellence to remain the cornerstones of the School's approach to teaching and learning
  • To serve the best interests of the pupils throughout the ability range
  • To provide a supportive, purposeful and stimulating environment in which individuals are cherished and valued
  • To provide a foundation for pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within a generous Christian ethos
  • To promote good citizenship through the virtues of courtesy and industry and by encouraging pupils to make a strong contribution to the broader life of the School
  • To help pupils mature in a well-rounded way by developing their understanding, experience and enjoyment of music, the arts, sport and a wide range of extra curricular activities
  • To encourage and support pupils in upholding the School's strong academic traditions and to prepare them for successful transfer to their chosen senior school at the age of 13
  • To engender in the boys a love of learning and a self-confidence in their abilities that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning