The ‘42 Club

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The ‘42 Club exists to foster association and co-operation amongst Old Boys of the School throughout their lives.

At a celebratory lunch held in 1956 to mark the occasion of the school's golden jubilee, the idea was floated for the forming of an old boys’ association. 

This was encouraged by George Smart, the then owner and headmaster of the school, and a small committee was created for the purpose. What resulted was The ‘42 Club, formed to enable old boys to attend social gatherings and maintain contact with other old boys and with the school and its staff. It was felt at the time that the membership would essentially comprise pupils who had been at the school since its return to London in 1942 – hence the name by which the Club has always been known.

The Club has held an annual dinner since its foundation in 1957 with various other social and sporting events arranged, both at the school and elsewhere. In addition the Club has made presentations to the school and more recently has provided prizes gifts and ties to boys on their leaving.

Upon payment of the subscription, life membership of the Club is automatic on leaving the school, but attendance at dinners is restricted to those who are 18 or over and have left school.

Organising Social Activities

The Club arranges an annual dinner in London as well as other social events and activities during the year, some in conjunction with the School.

Providing Networking Opportunities

The Club can help to generate contacts for members seeking to establish new links with other Old Boys in their neighbourhood, work, academic discipline or other areas of interest.

Assisting with Career Decisions

Old Boys can provide career advice to fellow club members when deciding on areas of study, further vocational training, short-term job placements or career development and planning.

Supporting the School

Old Boys are often in a position to help the School in its development by providing financial assistance, specialist advice or practical support and as an alumni of the school we urge you to participate fully in the Club's activities which are enjoyable as well as creating long lasting and beneficial relationships.

The ‘42 Club Committee

  • Chairman: David Burr (1978–1986)
  • Vice-Chairman: Richard Roney (1951–1956)
  • Hon. Secretary: Charles Luke (1979-1986)
  • Hon. Treasurer: Edward Sanders (1980–1986)
  • Justin Evershed-Martin (1983–1991)
  • Charles Falk (1975–1982)
  • Daniel Hahn (1980–1987)
  • Nick Hawkins (1994–2002)
  • James Kilner (1986–92)
  • Tim Piper (1945–1953)
  • Michael Rose (1996-2004)