Pastoral Care and Rewards

pastoral care & rewards

Pastoral Care and Rewards


At Arnold House, the boys learn lifelong lessons about living with others. They learn the value and importance of abiding by a civilised code of conduct. They learn of the joys of sharing activities with others in work, play, sport, music and drama. It is our aim to ensure that boys leave Arnold House as confident, discerning, tolerant and courteous young men, who have been valued as individuals themselves and who, in turn, have grown up to value other people.

This can not be left to chance, which is why the Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster (Pastoral), Senior Master, Heads of Year and Form Tutors and Form Teachers work closely together to ensure that the welfare of the boys is our first consideration.


Good work, helpfulness and good behaviour are all greatly valued. High levels of industry and citizenship are rewarded by effort grades in reports to parents which are converted into house points. These points are totalled each term and a cup awarded to the house with the most points. There are four houses: Wellington, Pitt, Nelson and Brunel. Houses also compete in sport and chess.

Boys in Years 1 to 6 can win industry badges for their attitude to work as well as 'citizenship' bars for their all-round contribution to the life of the school. In Years 7 and 8, special ties are awarded for responsibility, industry, sports, the arts and citizenship. Colours are awarded for strong performances in school teams.

Each year, two head boys are appointed from Year 8. All members of Year 8 hold responsibilities to help the staff with various tasks about the school, such as, Head Librarian, Leader of the Orchestra, IT Monitor, Sports Captains, etc. Each house has a captain and vice-captain.

Explanation and remonstration are preferred to punishment in the school's disciplinary structure.