Old Boys Events



The Annual ‘42 Club Dinner

The annual ‘42 Club Dinner takes place once a year in the Spring or Summer. Over the last five years the dinner has taken place at private members clubs and hotels in the West End or the School itself. 

The next dinner will take place at Arnold House on Monday 4th March.

Recent Leavers' Reunion

In December of each year, the School holds an informal reunion for those who have left the School over the previous two years. To date, the event has been very successful with nearly every old boy attending from those two years. During the evening amusing anecdotes are exchanged, little black books compared and old friendships rekindled – a very heart-warming pre-Christmas scene.

The 2018 and 2019 Recent Leavers Reunion will be held in December 2019. Inviations will be sent out in October.

Armistice Day

Old Boys are invited to attend the annual remembrance service at St Cyprian’s Church. This traditional remembrance day service is attended by all the current boys and staff in Years 6–8. The service is a commemoration for those Arnold House Boys who lost their lives during the war and are remembered along with Miss Hanson on two plaques within the church.

In 2019, the service will be held on Friday 8th November at 10:45am.

The School's Birthday

Old Boys are welcome to toast the School’s birthday with a drink with the staff at The Ordnance Pub in St John’s Wood. The School’s 113th birthday will be held on Friday 27th September 2019 from 6pm.

Class Reunions

If you would like to arrange a class reunion or have any ideas for other old boys' events, please email Stephanie Miller at smiller@arnoldhouse.co.uk or call 020 7266 6989.