The Arnold House Computing department offers access to computing to all pupils and staff within the School. The School has a dedicated Computing room with facilities that allow each pupil in a class to use a PC on their own. The music department has a suite of 9 Macs where a class can be catered for on one Mac between two pupils. The School has interactive whiteboards or LCD screens in all of the teaching rooms.

Boys in Years 1 through to 8 have dedicated Computing lessons with the Head of Department which teaches them key skills in the use of different software for presenting work, the internet, email, touch typing, animation and programming.

Boys in Years 1 to 4 have an extra weekly lesson in the computing suite to support their learning in Maths. Boys in Years 5 to 8 also have the use of chromebooks and netbooks which can be used across any subject when required.

Computing is important because:

  • The use of computing is widespread in the modern technological world and continually growing
  • Computing is an important medium for learning and study at all educational levels

The broad aims of the department are that all pupil’s will:

  • enjoy using computing and tackle all applications with confidence and a sense of achievement
  • develop practical skills in the use of Computing and the ability to apply these skills when producing work
  • understand the capabilities and limitations of Computing
  • understand how to use the internet and email accounts appropriately and safely

The emphasis in our teaching with Computing is on the use of computers as tools to support learning:

  • all pupils are quickly made familiar with confident use of the keyboard and mouse
  • pupils are taught how to efficiently use the internet as a research tool
  • as pupils progress through the School they are encouraged to develop growing independence in their use of Computing