The Arnold House Geography Department aims to provide pupils with a framework of knowledge in relation to: place (global location; physical systems; landforms; weather and climate, tectonic activity, etc); the influence of the environment on human activity and vice versa; maps of different types and scales and their interpretation.

Time Allocation and Staffing

In the Junior School Geography is taught within broader themes. Years 3 & 4 have two periods a week (this is flexible if cross-curricular themes are being taught). Years 5 and 6 have three periods a week in addition to three Compass Course lessons where they utilise geographical skills. Boys in Years 7 and 8 have three lessons a week. As a general rule, Form Teachers teach the subject in Years 1 to 3. A subject specialist teaches Years 4 and 5 and the Head of Department teaches Years 7 to 8.


There are a number of geography trips and visits which are carefully chosen to support the syllabus. Fieldwork is an essential element in the Senior School. Year 7 visit the beautiful World Heritage Site of the Purbeck Coast in Dorset for 3 days to carry out the fieldwork for their main Common Entrance project.