At Arnold House we aim to make our pupil’s experience of language learning as enjoyable, organised and stimulating as possible.

As soon as the boys enter the School in Year 1 they have a short weekly session. During this time they start to develop their language skills through games, songs, art, drama and audio-visual material. The frequency of their French lessons gradually increases and in Year 7 and 8 we are able to offer five lessons per week.

As the boys progress through the School we work hard to ensure that equal emphasis is given to reading, writing, listening and speaking – skills in which they are ultimately examined, whilst nurturing a thorough understanding of grammar concepts. We also have a very thorough and methodical approach to the learning of vocabulary and structures.

We provide two occasions for the boys to spend time in France to put their language into practice. In Year 7 there is a residential trip to Paris and in Year 8 we take the boys to Maison Claire Fontaine in Burgundy for a week of French immersion prior to Common Entrance.

Most boys achieve top grades in this subject and go on to take French GCSE a year early at their Senior Schools.